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Electrical Safety & Pets

Most of us take precautions to child-proof our home when a baby arrives, but pets are just as curious. For instance, kittens can get into places we never could imagine they even try! So, we want you to be mindful to pet-proof your homes too.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure all loose electrical wires and cords are tucked out of sight behind applicances or confirned to areas where pets, including rabbits, hamsters and other small pets cannot get to them.
  • Dangling cords are an irresistable temptation for frisky felines. and, along with electrical issues, can be a choking hazzard. Make sure they are tucked away or taped to a wall to prevent them from being pounced upon. 
  • Pet-proof your cords when they cannot be hidden. Pet-proof cords and covers can be found in pet stores. Or, try wrapping flexible safety cable, found at hardware or computer stores, around the cords.
  • Do not let your pet nap behind electrical applicances sunch as a computer, dryer, TV, etc.
  • Keep all electrical applicances away from kitchen sinks, bathrubs and bathroom countertops. Cats, especially, like to leap up and knock radios, curling irons, or other items into the water, creating a dangerous situation for you and the pet.
  • if you have an aquarium, make sure all electrical cords coming from the tank have drip loops which cause any water from the tank or condensation running down the cord to fall on the floor instead of running in the outlet.