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Residential Internet Services

Residential Services Pricing Guide

Residential Lite
**4Mb download/1 Mb upload
Light activity, social media

Residential Standard
**100Mb download/5MB upload
Streaming, multiple devices

Residential Plus
**250MB download/25Mb upload
Gaming, video uploading

Gigabit (Fiber Customer Only)
1,000MB download/1,000Mb upload
High User, Home Office, Multiple Smart Home Devices

Additional Monthly Features

Wireless Modem - $5.00
Static IP Address - $5.00
Vacation Email - $5.00

$29.95 install fee applies if you only subscribe to one service. If you subscribe to two services, the install fee is waived.
**Fiber customers receive symmetrical speeds- (4Mb/4Mb), (100Mb/100Mb), (250Mb/250Mb). 
Download and Upload speeds listed are the maximum available with each service plan. Actual speed is affected by many factors, including customer-owned equipment and internal home wiring.

Cable modems are the property of ILPT and must be returned when service is cancelled.